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There are times in our lives that are so unbelievable that you actually question the reality around you and wonder if Hollywood has some sort of secret way of controlling your life for laughs!

The event that surrounded the Blue Chameleon house in October last year left me thinking I was on some sort of secret television show! That Ant and Dec were going to pop out from behind the sofa shouting “gotta ya!” then hand me a cheque or a holiday!

Sadly, this wasn’t how it went and the events really did happen! Though I still pinch myself at times thinking did the wedding really happen or did I just imagine it all as a coping mechanism.

DeAnna Blue Chameleon Blog The Just Be Revolution

With the arrival of my family at the end of October, the house was buzzing with family, laughs and food! Dresses were being collected, parcels arriving, make up trials, the lot! We were all excited and I was doing my best to keep my crazy to a minimum so I could enjoy the run up too. Pete (Mr. Chameleon) was preparing for his last few days at work while I planned what I wanted to do with my sister for her birthday. I hadn’t spent a birthday with her in a long while so I wanted to take her out for some food and maybe a show. Monday the 30th of October started off as usual; Pete got up at 6, the kids started to wake up in prep for first day back at school after the half term, my mum was helping out downstairs and me, I was soaking up the chance of a lie in that comes with family visiting!
Then at 7:30am, I got a phone call informing me my “soon to be husband in 4 days” was in an accident and on his way to A&E. I threw down the phone, shouted that Pete had an accident and I needed to go to the hospital straight away. The following minutes were a blurr. I can’t remember how I got to the hospital but I know I was there waiting for my broken hubby to arrive!
4 days before the wedding.

DeAnna Blue Chameleon Blog The Just Be Revolution
Turned out that he had severely broken two bones in his leg, shattering his knee. It would need emergency surgery to repair and he was admitted to hospital that morning. I remember sitting in the chair next to him, watching Gas and Air take effect, thinking to myself we had to cancel the wedding.

During several consultations with doctors, surgeons and nurses both Pete and I explained we were getting married in the hopes that it was going to be just a standard plaster cast and we would be home by the evening. Not only were they shocked such a thing would happen, adding a wedding in the middle of it all was the cherry on the cake.

While Husband-to-be sailed through his surgery, I spent the hours calling everyone we know including all the vendors for the wedding to inform them of our predicament. I am proud to say there were no Bridezilla moments from me as Pete would not let me cancel the wedding. He told me if he had to wheel himself out against medical advice, he was making it to the venue! Those remaining days were agony for him. Pain, sick, dopey, yet determined. His doctors gave him permission to leave the hospital for the day provided he was well and that we returned him to the ward before midnight.

Wedding day arrived! Friday the 3rd of November was finally with us and chaos had hit the house! My mum and sister spent most of the night preparing the cake and desserts, my Matron of honour suffered a sleepless night on our sofa covered in cats to keep me sane, the rest of the brides maids ran around from the early hours getting hair done before the sun came up so the hairdresser had time to fit everyone in! The dog had all her hair shaved off even though I asked the groomer to keep it long!

DeAnna Blue Chameleon Blog The Just Be Revolution
The cars started to arrive and I was loaded in with dresses, tablecloths, and 7 crates housing the hired candelabras! Having not looked at my phone due to stress packing the cars, I eventually glanced at it at the venue finding a text from Pete’s best man. In the text he said something along the lines of “prepare yourself, you may not make it”. Pete contracted an infection during the night and felt very ill. By this time, I was made up, hair done, etc! Imagine the curtain off panic and sick that fell over me with a whoosh! How was I going to tell everyone? I remember looking up from my phone while standing on the balcony of the manor house, stunning sunshine and blue skies for November, at the sea of woman zipping up dresses, curling kids hair, moving flowers and spraying perfume. Before I could open my mouth to cry the bro of Honour (as well as our registrar for the day) came in to tell me my husband to be had arrived!
I cried.

The dress was tied, shoes went on and the veil was put on. I was a bride and about to marry the bravest, strongest man I know!

I avoided all eyes to stop from ruining my face even more and to prevent my lashes from falling off again! As we made our way down the grand stairs, I could hear the music playing as the entourage of 9 bridesmaids, my hairdresser, my dad and my son escorted me through. I was about to get married. Then it happened, my son lifted my veil and there he was, my husband! In a wheelchair, covered in makeshift balloons, and just married sign (courtesy of the ward nurses!), in a suit! We did it! He did it!

DeAnna Blue Chameleon Blog The Just Be Revolution

The rest of the evening was beautiful. Though as Pete had an infection he needed to be returned to the hospital by 6pm for IV antibiotics. The schedule was messed up but we didn’t care in the end, the first dance was brought forward as we had to phone a taxi to take him back! As I pushed my new husband around to Adam Sandler’s “grow old with you”, love from the room radiated around us. Our day may not have gone the way we planned but it certain went the way it was meant too.

DeAnna Blue Chameleon Blog The Just Be Revolution

I returned my gorgeous husband via sparkler lit taxi ramp to the hospital, where his best man and I ran around the ward in our wedding gear gathering equipment and arranging Pete in bed. The staff, who I cannot praise enough, gathered to congratulate us and took over so we could get back to the guests and the pizza van!

The whole day was a highlight, seeing Pete there, hearing his speech, dancing with him, the taxi ride and standing in the lift in my wedding dress while people were doing there best not to ask or stare. As well as sitting in the honeymoon suite with a whole pizza, cake, a bottle of champagne and a text from my husband tell me how great the day was.

Best Day Ever.

DeAnna Blue Chameleon Blog The Just Be Revolution

Update- Pete spent a total 10 days in hospital and three months at home doing intense physio. He has worked hard and has now returned to work, standing, driving and walking! Though he’s banned from ladders for the foreseeable future!

Picture credit to Jack Moralee from JCM Photography
Picture and video credit to Jade Gooch from Hushabye Films
Hair piece from Rockstars and Royalty
Flowers from Mooi Flowers

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 DeAnna’s (Blue Chameleon blog series) Focuses on rebuilding self-confidence after suffering through difficult times.  DeAnna lives in Cambridge, England with her family, cats and dog.  She credits a portion of happiness to her husband, Pete, punctuation manager, chief tea maker, and bringer of toast.

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