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It doesn’t take much convincing that the world is pretty crazy these days.  Politics and Religion are the front runners for most debated followed closely by climate change and the weather.  Especially if you’re in England where the weather is directly responsible for everything wrong!

I do my best to keep away from politics and religion mainly because I’m not a fan of confrontation I can control. My opinions are formed based on my own thoughts rather than finding something in a meme on Facebook.  However, I find that when you question someone about something they believe in, not in a condescending way but genuine curiosity, they get offended that you even have to ask.

Politics is so in the face right now, causing a lot of people to scratch their heads wondering, “what on earth is going on?” The short answer is that there are a lot of unhappy people out there who need to blame someone or something.  The long answer isn’t worth getting into.  Maybe that’s the short answer after all?

There is always going to be someone who has the answers! All of them! Someone who can do it better or knows what to change.  It comes with success and places of power generally but every so often it happens in our ordinary lives.  No matter how gentle you are with your approach or what your intentions are, someone can do it better than you and they will tell you that.

Somewhere along the lines people stopped trusting each other (maybe it’s the weather).  No matter how much time one has invested in their craft, it’s not enough.  With the internet as such a powerful resource, we can research everything and anything that could back up an idea, including one that challenges mainstream ethics.  Focusing on themselves and not the thoughts, work and feelings of others.  This train of thought has trickled down into the younger generation, who are more informed with the workings of the world than I was at 14! 

 DeAnna Blue Chameleon Blog The Just Be Revolution

It all seems to revert back to this growing sense of entitlement. “Why should I help? What will it get me?” What ever happened to just being kind, trusting, and virtuous?   Being genuine with our motives rather than gathering “likes”.   Taking time to properly care without the need for something in return.

One of the issues I faced during my dark days was this very notion.  Everyone had the solution to my depression and anxiety which was to get myself out more.  The advice would wear thin at “The best thing you can do is move on.” 

I must appreciate that they took the time to try. 

In the light of so many professionals I was under the care of, the advice from others was flooding in, whether I wanted it or not.  It didn’t matter that the doctors were helping me through my pain with a process that would benefit my mental health long term because my neighbours had all the answers they found on the internet. 

DeAnna Blue Chameleon Blog The Just Be Revolution

I don’t want to come across as ungrateful for the help. Many took the time to research other methods that could end my mental torture quicker as I’m sure the suffering on my face was clear.  But, as with a lot of things, there are no quick fixes.  The process to peace is long and takes an awful lot of work.  Many will think they have the answers but in reality, we do have to trust the professionals who have spent their lives making sure they know what they are talking about.  We should try being a little less suspicious.  Things don’t always pan out how we want them to at first but in the end, in the long term, it works out.


DeAnna’s (Blue Chameleon blog series) Focuses on rebuilding self-confidence after suffering through difficult times.  DeAnna lives in Cambridge, England with her family, cats and dog.  She credits a portion of happiness to her partner, Pete, punctuation manager, and chief tea maker.

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