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‘If you’re an artist and you’re not living your art, then you’re not really living’.

 Jolene Misfud is a spiritual healer, warrior, roller derby player and Canberra’s ‘Queen of Cabaret’. In this episode of our ‘Just Be…Inspired’ series, Jolene talks about her traditional religious upbringing, living through addiction and with adhd, and how a move to a new city, surrounding herself with like-minded friends and being able to perform her art led her to self-confidence and happiness. Thank you for sharing your story with us Jolene.

You can see Jolene performing with The Undresden Dolls and as Ink Bits, and skating in the Canberra Roller Derby League for The Red Bellied Black Hearts. Follow the links to see where her next appearance will be.

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  • LIz on

    Your awesome, joelene. A truly passionate artist and a wonderful human being.

  • Jasper Wilson on

    Words cant express enough of how so incredibly happy, warm and fuzzy I felt seeing you and feeling your spirit and authenticity. Id So love to see you again- especially in your cabaret. You inspiring queer Punk healer warrior! YES!
    Love on top of love !

  • Deborah Allan on

    Your honesty and true inner beauty is so evident in this interview. I loved watching it and hearing you talk about your passions, your life, the opportunity you’ve had and the life changing moments you have gone through this far. Your a unique unicorn Jolene!! Love you so much Pastizzi!

  • Mel on

    OMG Joley…i have never seen you so freakin happy! ? you truly are an inspirational spirit and I’m so glad you found yourself and are living ‘free’. Luv ya bum chicken xxx

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