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Nina Gbor is a personal stylist, with a focus on sustainability. Nina’s person style never follows fashion trends. She creates her own style through mixing vintage, retro and contemporary pieces. She hunts for unusual pieces in vintage stores, op shops and garage sales and makes them work for different outfits by accessorising, remaking, redesigning and restyling them, while at the same time crushing the myth that sustainability compromises beauty and style. As a stylist, Nina is passionate about showing people that you can leave trends behind and create a style that is unique to you. Nina encourages people to get off the fashion ‘trend-mill’, and to discover who they are or want to be through their clothing choices. She believes that finding your own personal style builds confidence and happiness, can bring healing to your life and can help you achieve your goals. Nina holds regular clothes swaps in Canberra and encourages people to do the same, and to shop for pre-loved clothing or to revamp what they already have in their wardrobe, in a bid to reduce the consumption of fast fashion which is having such a detrimental effect on our planet and is often produced in unethical factories.

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In today’s Just Be…Inspired interview, Nina talks to us about how her love of style started, how it became about sustainability and about how you can find the confidence to rock your own style.

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