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Introducing Shannon Brown, who will be blogging about his journey as the parent of a trans child, and about gender issues. We'd also like to introduce you to his alter ego, Captain Spitfire, who, we are very happy to announce, will be performing his infamous Smut routine at out launch event, The Uprising.  

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Shannon's business card reads "photographer, writer, connector, narrator, autodidact, storyteller, wanderer, communicator, collaborator" which is mostly him, but he's also a mad Star Wars fan, a fur dad to two gorgeous little dachshunds and the biased father of one beautifully complicated child.

By day he's apparently working on a classified project that requires a top secret magic decoder ring, and by night he can be found recharging his batteries, usually wearing some sort of flannel.

He's said that he's spent most of his life being who he thought the world wanted him to be, but is eager to write about how that's changed in the past couple of years. He is also looking forward to sharing with you the journey of himself and his trans son, as they both embark on a journey into a brand new world.

Dashing flyboy, Captain Spitfire, brings a fresh new pencil moustache to the burlesque stage. When not hunting Messerschmitts in the sky, he is victory rolling his way into ladies' hearts with his gentlemanly physique and rakish, old world charm. A true renaissance gentleman the Captain is a man of many talents ...

Shannon Brown Captain Spitfire The Just Be Revolution

You will not want to miss this! Get you tickets for The Uprising now!

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