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Little Thoughts

I recently heard a saying- “The first thought that comes to mind is what we’ve been socially conditioned to think. The second thought is what defines us as a person.”

As humans we’re wired to judge- we fear what we don’t know. We are creatures who instinctively  fight or flight, and society shapes our thinking from such a young age, with such subtlety, that we really have to be conscious and mindful if we want this thinking and  instinct to change.

What I really loved about this quote, is that we shouldn’t be hard on ourselves for having that first thought, we are only human. As much as I try, I still judge people instinctively, but  the important thing is that we then stop ourselves, and ask “Why am I reacting this way? Is this a real threat or am I just being judgmental? If there’s no real threat why am I worried? And can I make a conscious decision to not react this way next time? Could I even learn from this wonderful diversity that is all humans?”

Trying to reflect on my own experiences of being judged, and judging others, it occurred to me some people don’t even have that second thought. It’s really easy to plod along in life, with our blinkers on, going through the thought’s and motions of day to day without paying any attention to why we think and act certain ways.

Imagine a world where we all had that second thought and challenged ourselves to think differently, judge less, and embrace diversity, instead of fearing it.

Imagine if we challenged ourselves to accept difference, and learn from it.

It’s time as a society we start to challenge our thinking.

So next time you have a judgmental thought about someone ask yourself why.

Remember, it’s not that particular thought that defines you, but  how you chose to act on it.


Jeanice has been hairdressing in Canberra for 22 years and is currently a sole trader in her own salon, Guerilla Hair. Her favourite part of work is having the opportunity to meet so many diverse humans, that all have differerent and unique ideas and beliefs about life and the universe. Her blog will be a snap shot of all of the different ideas and perspectives she comes across day to day.

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