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I am all for self-improvement especially if it is learning to be more tolerant to accepting of peoples choices. I am also for self-improvement on the outside if that’s what makes you happy. Being made to feel like you are vain for wanting to look a certain way is not ok. There is nothing wrong with wanting to feel good about your physical appearance. I will say that it is VERY important to do your research and make sure you are going to qualified professionals for whatever you are choosing to do. Make sure you know all the risks and facts before you jump in and make sure that you are 100% educated on the process by a professional (not by Google). If you have something about your physical appearance that you would like to change then I say go for it. Don’t let other people’s opinions sway you if it’s what you really want to do. There will always be that person saying “You don’t need that.” But you know what? This is your life and your body so do what makes you happy.

In the coming weeks I will try to cover as many topics as possible but for this week we are starting with something a little more light:

Eyelash extensions.

So what are eyelash extensions and what is the difference between the ones you attempt to put on yourself at home (while screaming at the mirror) and the ones you go to a technician to have applied? Here comes the info...

Application: Eyelash extensions are applied to your actual lashes, usually, one by one. The technician will “isolate” one of your natural lashes (as in get a pair of tweezers and choose one lash) they will then pick up a synthetic lash and glue that to your natural lash. Sounds simple right? As someone who did lash extensions I can say that application takes a lot of skill and practice to perfect and if you are thinking of having them done please make sure you are going to someone that is qualified to do them. The process can take anywhere from 1 to 3 hours depending on the technician applying them but don’t let the time put you off because you get to lay down with your eyes closed for the whole time (feel free to sleep, we honestly don’t mind). You can also get what are called “Volume” or “4D” lashes which is the same processes except multiple lashes are glued to one natural lash giving you much more voluminous lashes (think Kim K).

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Pain: The application itself does not hurt. The glue used can sting the eyes a bit if the fumes get in but this goes away quite quickly. If you are like me your eyes might water slightly which also isn’t a big deal. Always make sure the technician explains the risks to you thoroughly and asks you questions about your eyes (eg. If you have sensitive eyes or wear contacts). Good Technicians often do consultations before application just to ensure that you won’t have any nasty reactions to the primer, glue or eye pads.

How long do they last: Lash extensions last anywhere between 1 week to 6 weeks depending on your lash cycle. The lashes fall out with your natural lashes so if you are lucky enough to have any left after the 6 week mark then it will be only a few. Technicians usually recommend getting lash infills every 2-3 weeks to keep them looking full.

After care: You technician should give you after care tips on how to care for your lashes, these will include tips like:

  • Don’t rub your eyes
  • NO MASCARA (Whooooooooooo!)
  • No oily face products on the eyes
  • Wash your lashes carefully.

Cost: This is a tough one because prices do vary considerably. A more natural set of extensions will cost between $100 - $160. Volume lashes can cost between $150 - $200. Prices depend very much on where you go to get them done. Infills usually cost about half as much as a full set, sometimes more depending on how many lashes you have lost when you come in for an infill. Chat to your technician about prices and when they think a good time for an infill will be.

Where to get them: Loads of places do lash extensions. Most beautician’s do them but as mentioned above PLEASE make sure you go to a qualified professional! I love Marie from Mojo Lash and Makeup. Marie is relatively new to lash extensions but she is extremely thorough, passionate and amazing at what she does.

Pros: So what are the advantages of having lash extensions? The best bit is, NO MORE MASCARA! Say goodbye to panda eyes! YAY! You can cry, sweat and sneeze without mascara travelling all over your face. Also a nice pro is waking up every morning feeling like a Disney Princess, you look in the mirror and BAM! Luscious lashes.

Cons: Let’s face it, they are pricy so you’ve got to be a real lash lover to commit. They aren’t for everyone. They can also get a bit scruffy looking between infills so you should always have a clean mascara wand to hand (the technician will give you one) so you can tame them back in line if they decide they don’t want to hang out with the other lashes.


So there you go. If you have been considering lash extensions but didn’t know the process hopefully this has shed some light on the situation. I say give them a go and throw out your mascara for a while.


Kimi is a Makeup Artist of 13 years and started a beauty YouTube channel 18 months ago because she was passionate about helping people with their makeup struggles. In her blog series "That's What She Said", Kimi will be exploring the world of beauty and talking to people about all aspects of the beauty community in order to remove stigma and dispel myths about the industry in a 100 per cent positive way.

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