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That's What She Said

I recently got lip fillers. *Que the dramatic music*

If you have followed my blogs you know that this is something I thought long and hard about before I went ahead with it. I watched so many videos about both positive and negative experiences. I spoke at length to people who have had them done. I researched the different techniques of injecting, ways the pain is managed and potential risks and side effects. I insta-stalked just about every injector in Canberra to see whose work I loved. I even went with a friend to watch (and film) her having lip fillers. I would go as far as saying I put more thought into it than your average person. So finally I went through with it and afterwards I felt smugly proud of myself for bravely facing the needle. I naively assumed others would feel the same and have loads of questions but nothing could prepare me for the negative reaction I would get from family, friends and work colleagues. In the past week I have heard it all and apart from a handful of people it has been OVERWHELMINGLY negative. It got to the point last week that I was trying to hide myself because I was so upset that people kept telling me I had made a mistake.

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Not one person asked me if I was happy with them. I wasn’t asked if I felt more confident or beautiful. No one even bothered to ask me why I had done it and those who didn’t directly scold me for my “mistake” would just glare at me like I had crapped in their mailbox.

Not that it matters but I should also add that I didn’t even have a full ml put into my lips because my injector was aware that I didn’t want anything too dramatic. My lips are now simply more symmetrical which is exactly what I had requested but even if I did turn up with lips that would make Angelina Jolie jealous why is it ok for people to make me feel bad? They are my lips!

For all those interested: I FREAKING LOVE THEM!! As a makeup artist the joy of putting on lipstick now has only increased (and I bloody loved it before!). If something little can make you feel more confident about yourself than I say do it! There is so much more to humans than your outer shell but that doesn’t make it wrong want to love your reflection. You have a right to! Whether you want to change your hair colour, get contacts, get Botox, buy a new style of clothing, lose/gain weight, get a tattoo, or if you are just happy the way you are, never let anyone make you feel like your choice is based purely on vanity. Supporting people’s choices regardless of whether you agree with them is something everyone needs to do more. Next time someone you know does something you don’t agree with before you jump down their throat why not ask them how they feel about it. It is so disheartening to love something only to be told over and over again that people hate it simply because they wouldn’t do it themselves.


Kimi is a Makeup Artist of 13 years and started a beauty YouTube channel 18 months ago because she was passionate about helping people with their makeup struggles. In her blog series "That's What She Said", Kimi will be exploring the world of beauty and talking to people about all aspects of the beauty community in order to remove stigma and dispel myths about the industry in a 100 per cent positive way.

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