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That's What She Said

I have been thinking a lot lately about the Kardashians…

That is a sentence I never thought I would write or say out loud but bear with me. See the Kardashians are a family that seem to stir one of 2 reactions in people: rage or admiration. There are very few people that are indifferent to them.

As a makeup artist part of my job is a keep up with current trends in makeup and, like it or not, the Kardashians are always right on trend (mainly due to their incredibly skilled hair and makeup team). They are the ladies we have to thank for contour becoming the massive trend that it is. Don’t get me wrong contour has been around for literally AS LONG AS MAKEUP HAS BEEN AROUND but, without the fact that Kim, Kylie, Kendall, Kourtney and the tall one started doing it on the daily, it would still be a secret held by the Makeup Illuminati (membership #357986).

So why am I talking about this you may ask? It has little to nothing to do with the Kardashians themselves and more to do with the absurdity of internet trolling. I’m using the Kardashians as the most extreme case because I don’t think a day goes by where I don’t see them. Whenever you see a photo of a Kardashian and look at the comments section it’s as if the bridge has been left completely unmanned. The comments can be beyond horrible and it made me think: “Would you say that to their face?”. I think if you were very honest with yourself the answer would, hopefully, be “no”, and if it isn’t then you might need to ask yourself why. We all have outbursts at times but where is the line between making a passing comment in your head and writing a dissertation on “Why Kylies lips are not ok” on the internet?

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I am as guilty as the next person of flicking through magazines and bitching to my bestie about celebrities, but one day I realised that doing that didn’t make me feel any better. It definitely didn’t make the celebrity less successful. Or rich. Or flawlessly airbrushed. All it did was put me in a really negative headspace. I’m not saying we should all go out and hug a Kardashian (their security is a bitch so good luck) but bashing them verbally, on the internet or even in our heads is not going to achieve anything. Right? Turn the page, click the “x” button, or just change the channel and don’t waste your energy. Channel rage into something creative.

I have a neat little trick, every time I see someone who I feel the urge to comment on I have a safe word: “BANANAS”. Yes that’s right, it’s a classic I know and I most definitely don’t say it out loud but whenever I am on Instagram (for example) and I see something that triggers my negativity I say “Bananas” and move on. The word is as ridiculous as the idea of trolling someone based on their life choices.

 The best advice I can give you is the advice we have all be told our whole lives:

“If you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all….And please don’t smear it on the internet because you look a bit crazy.”

That last part was me talking, not your mum.


Kimi is a Makeup Artist of 13 years and started a beauty YouTube channel 18 months ago because she was passionate about helping people with their makeup struggles. In her blog series "That's What She Said", Kimi will be exploring the world of beauty and talking to people about all aspects of the beauty community in order to remove stigma and dispel myths about the industry in a 100 per cent positive way.

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