The Fashion Rebellion

The Fashion Rebellion Vicky Kidd-Gallichan

The Just Be Revolution is proud to announce that in 2018 we will be presenting ‘The Fashion Rebellion

It’s time to raise our voices for the fashion and beauty industry to hear and to tell them the changes that we want to see.

In the run up to the main event (date tbc), we will be hosting a series of events dealing with beauty standards, body image and other related topics.

While these events will be based in Canberra, there will be opportunities for you to have your voice heard and to be part the Rebellion, wherever you are in the world.

Keep your eye on our website and social media for announcements.

Together we can make sure that they hear us.

At sunset on Thursday 8th March, we shot our first promo images for The Fashion Rebellion, at the Arboretum in Canberra. Here's what went on that evening.

Vicky xo


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