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Words Matter

We're in the last quarter of the year and many of us are feeling like a pressure cooker. The feelings and thoughts that have been shoved into the depths of our mind in the rush of the year are bubbling to the surface and for many this means negative self-talk, self-doubt and feelings of inadequacy.

I spend a lot of time talking with people about how much words matter and while so many of us seem to be becoming more and more conscious of the words we use when speaking with or near others and their effect on those around us, it seems we too easily forget how much words matter when we speak to ourselves. Negative self-talk appears to be rife right now as fatigue sets in after the continuous nine-month hustle.

This blog is a shout out to everyone who is feeling a little low, feeling a little fragile and feeling like the year is crushing them slowly.

Know that you are OK and you are not the negative self-talk your mind keeps repeating. Know that you can speak to people — family, friends, support lines like Lifeline (13 11 14). Know that with support you can change your self talk, because those words matter.

Take a moment to be conscious about what you would say to a friend if they were feeling low. What positive messages would you help them to remember. What words would you use to show you care. Now take these positive messages and comforting words and say them to yourself. Change the conversation and know that you are wonderful, you are worth it.

When we are tired, when we are busy, when are consumed by the negative news it's too easy to fall into negative self talk, forgetting all the positives of who we are and the achievements we make every day. Find the reminder you need to switch yourself into positive mode, be it a quote, a phone call to a friend, watching a video or looking at photos. Whatever it is find what you need to help dismiss the negative talk and realise how amazing you are. And if you find yourself struggling to shift self doubt and negative talk, speak with someone to gain the help and support you need.

Words matter everywhere they are heard. Be it in conversation or simply within your mind. I know this because I too have engaged in this negative self talk lately, forgetting the achievement of the year and neglecting some important self care. We all need a reminder, sometimes. So please, be conscious of the words you use and be kind to you and to all.


Sheena is that girl who always has a smile on her face, she loves life and the diversity within. After a lightbulb went off when she hit 30, Sheena’s ‘f*** it 30 approach to life allowed her to embrace who she is and help others to do the same, free of judgement.

Her communications business, Specialists in Communications, encourages everyone and every business to use their uniqueness as a point of difference, as a positive that helps them connect with people.

 Sheena is also founder and editor of The Local Look, an e-magazine and blog showcasing Canberra business by telling the stories of the people behind the brands. Storytelling has the power to really connect with people and through it, we can encourage people and influence change for the better.

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