Words Matter - Start A Conversation, Not A Word Fight

Words Matter

Words. They're thrown around in love, in joy, in spite, in anger and in a multitude of emotionally-charged situations.

And with the first throw, a raft of replies can be thrown back.

This situation is all too common when words are thrown from behind a computer screen. Words with so much meaning, are typed all too quickly, without thought, without consideration.

What if instead of replying angrily to a Facebook post we don't agree with, we stopped and asked why someone threw the first comment at all. Are they hurt. Could their text be misinterpreted. What's behind their angry tirade or throw-away comment?

Sure, their words might hurt and we can't take that away, but if we could stop it there and not throw a thousand more hurtful words, then maybe we could change the situation.

Instead of reacting with anger, we could use words to educate.

Instead of putting people down, we could use words to ask if they are OK.

When you browse your social media feeds this week, be mindful of your reactions. Because words matter. In fact, words are the reason you react in the first place. But just because someone's words made you feel hurt, doesn't mean the right response is to use words to hurt in reply. Be the bigger human and use your words wisely. Because you matter and so do your words.


Sheena is that girl who always has a smile on her face, she loves life and the diversity within. After a lightbulb went off when she hit 30, Sheena’s ‘f*** it 30 approach to life allowed her to embrace who she is and help others to do the same, free of judgement.

Her communications business, Specialists in Communications, encourages everyone and every business to use their uniqueness as a point of difference, as a positive that helps them connect with people.

 Sheena is also founder and editor of The Local Look, an e-magazine and blog showcasing Canberra business by telling the stories of the people behind the brands. Storytelling has the power to really connect with people and through it, we can encourage people and influence change for the better.

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