Yellow Brick Road - Sprint, RPM, Functional Fit...That's Right. I Joined A Gym!

Yellow Brick Road

SO let's backtrack around 9 years ago... I was in the midst of a marriage breakdown and took up the gym to make myself feel better. I loved it, couldn't get enough of it. I went every day. I lost around 30kg and felt amazing. Then the pain started in the lower back and hips and down the legs into the knees. After much testing I was diagnosed with osteo arthritis. I stopped.

Anyways fast forward to 2 months ago and after thinking in my head nearly every day how much I wished this pain would go away so I could get back to some activity again, I just went Fuck it I'm doing it anyway. I thought I am in pain anyway so maybe he couldn't hurt.

I couldn't afford the ladies gym option so I thought just try it. I had in my head that all these lean, muscly people would be staring at me and my rolls and I would feel like I don't belong. I was wrong. Yes that first day I walked in and looked around at the beautiful Lorna Jane outfits and the muscly men were over in a corner looking in the mirror BUT I didn't feel any kind of ridicule at all. We were all like-minded after all, all there to do something for ourselves.

So that first morning I got up at 5.30am and headed to a 6am class called Sprint, sounded good - a bike class and only 30mins awesome. I walked into a full room and of course the only bike was down the bloody front wasn't it! There were 2 ladies running it that morning and one of them called Sarah was soooooo amazing, she helped me adjust my bike and checked on me at the end and was so motivating. The part I didn't tell you was at the end she said wow your first class, you know this is one of the most intense classes we run.... haha well I don't go into things half assed I guess.

That morning I walked from my car to work and felt like I was breathing differently, just did something for me and my body and I felt great (sore yes). Since then I am trying to make it a habit, I find that if I pack my bag the night before with work clothes and shower stuff then I know I can get up throw my daggy trackies and black shirt on and head straight to gym. I can't guarantee I will do it forever but for now I am feeling like it's something I enjoy and gets the juices flowing. I even go with my daughter Maddy sometimes too which is something to enjoy together.

So this is my story this fortnight about trying something new on my yellow brick road journey called life. If you are thinking about it, have a go cause you might actually like it. My decision to do it wasn't about weight loss, it was about feeling better in this body and moving better.

Have a great day!

Belle x


Belle’s ‘yellow brick road’ blog series will share the journey of others, from those who have taken the road of self-love through to inspiring people who show us the power of empathy, kindness and helping others.

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