Yellow Brick Road - The "F" Word Around Kids

Yellow Brick Road

Fat: A three-letter word that I associate with being taunted and being put down and someone trying to make me feel self-conscious.  And modifications of this word hurt just as much.

The use of the “F” word can be damaging: poor body image, weight gain, or eating disorders. And it can set the stage for a lifetime of battles and wars against food and eating.

I've struggled with my body image most of my life and my weight has been an issue since early adolescence.

The “F” word is a word you won’t hear in my home, one I’ve encouraged my kids not to use against people. I personally have had the word used on my eldest daughter in daycare when she was only just 4 years old. I had quietly entered the room to hear 3 little girls standing around her “Maddy you’re fat!”.  I was devastated for her and she was quite body conscious for years to come.

Amazingly, when the “F” word is used kids hear, they use it and it’s a serious one. If you just think about it when you go to use it or hear someone use it think of the consequences, the questions that person/child has on their attractiveness, acceptance in society and much more.

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The notion of body shaming and leading to body dissatisfaction gets ingrained in children’s heads from an early age…  fashion, TV, music video clips, movies or even just hearing it from other family members complaining about their bodies. So I imagine it’s hard for someone to accept their body when everyone tells you not to.

Belle France Yellow Brick Road Blog The Just Be Revolution

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I wanted to share with you about a gift my little girl Ava got on the weekend from her Aunty. It was a Barbie but it wasn’t until I opened the packaging to find she looked different, pleasantly strange. She’s part of the new ‘Fashionista’ range of dolls in different heights, colours, sizes. Ava said “Oh wow she’s beautiful!

Belle France Yellow Brick Road Blog The Just Be Revolution

So to close this post, what can we do?  Focus our efforts on an appreciation for differences in people, instill self-worth and be passionate about the positives in life. I encourage my kids to give compliments when genuine. It’s a way of turning this upside down, instead of pointing out negative things you are seeing/hearing/feeling something positive -  it just might make a huge difference in someone’s day. Try it!

Belle x

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