Just Be is…

A Revolution of courage, strength, and love.

A Revolution of tolerance, kindness, and confidence.

A Revolution to change how we feel about ourselves and to change how we see others.

Just Be is for everyone who wants to live in a kinder, more tolerant world where nobody is judged on their appearance.

Just Be is for everyone who wants to help change what society sees as beautiful, normal and acceptable.

Just Be is for anyone who has been teased, bullied, abused, beaten up, or worse, because of how they look or how they choose to look.

Just Be is for everyone who is confident and happy to just be who they are.

Just Be is fighting for a future where everyone is accepted for who they are and how they look.

The Revolution is fighting to change what society sees as beautiful, normal, and acceptable.

The Revolution believes that everybody should be free to be who they are, or who they choose to be, without fear of repercussion.

The Just Be Revolution is a platform to share stories, and as our army grows, our voice will get louder. Together we are stronger and can make the world a better place for everyone.


The Just Be Revolution Courage Strength Love

 Help Us Change The World!

Have you ever been discriminated against because of your appearance, your uniqueness, who you love, or how you choose to look?

Have you embraced who you are? Have you found the confidence to be yourself?

The Just Be Revolution is a here to curate stories and give you a platform to have your voice heard.

We want to share your story, through blog posts and videos.

  By sharing these stories, we hope to inspire others to find the confidence to be themselves, to accept and love who they are, and to bring to light the consequences of judging others. 

Nobody should be afraid to be themselves.

 Be Part Of The Revolution

Like, comment on and share our stories on the blog and across our social media. Use #justberevolution to help spread the message.

Tell your friends about The Just Be Revolution.

Buy and wear our merchandise. We want the Just Be logo to unite people. To be a symbol of change. A symbol worn by someone you can trust. The symbol of our army of people fighting for change. 

Come to our events, or organise your own. Let people in your area know that there’s a safe place where they can come and just be themselves, a place where they can meet tolerant, open-minded, non-judgmental people.

And, most importantly, always be kind, be tolerant, be thoughtful, be encouraging, be confident, and be YOU.

Together we can change the world.

Who Are We?

Just Be was founded by Vicky Kidd-Gallichan of Rockstars and Royalty. The idea for The Just Be Revolution came as Vicky was growing Rockstars and Royalty as an inclusive fashion brand, where everyone was welcomed, represented, and free to shop for whatever they wanted, regardless of dress size, body type, age, or gender.

Vicky wanted the message that she was conveying to spread further and reach more people, and the idea for The Just Be Revolution was formed.

Vicky knew she couldn't do it all alone, so she gathered like-minded friends who wanted to be involved to be the start of this army for change. You can read more about how it all began in Vicky's blog post here, and we'll be introducing you to all of the founding members of the Just Be army over the next few weeks. Just check out the tag 'who are we' on the blog page.